Stop Allowing Department of Defense and Other Customers to Block LGBT Websites
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Stop Allowing Department of Defense and Other Customers to Block LGBT Websites

This weekend, AMERICAblog reported that the Department of Defense was using web-filtering software made by the company Blue Coat Services to unfairly block access to LGBT websites like GLAAD's. Blue Coat’s software is very common, and it gives organizations, businesses and schools the ability to block all LGBT-related content with a single mouse click.

Why is this an available option?

Help us tell Blue Coat to stop letting its users block LGBT content by signing our petition right now.

Can you imagine what it must be like to be a kid, trying desperately to believe the message of the It Gets Better Project, when your school won't even let you see it?

How would it feel to be a gay employee of a company that considers GLAAD's blog to be as threatening to the workplace as sites devoted to gambling or computer hacking?

Add your name to the petition and tell software producers that restricting access to LGBT webpages is just downright discriminatory.

Herndon Graddick
GLAAD President

P.S. Is your company or school blocking access to LGBT webpages? Tell us about it here.

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